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Cost of changing package


Cost of changing package

Keep getting page not found, when looking into package change prices.

Currently on Home Premium Option 3 paying 39.99 a month.

Was looking into changing to option 2 or 1. When I originally signed up for 2mb service, I had to pay for upgrade, but now as everyone has the speed, I went to the package for, looking into downgrade options.
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Cost of changing package

The general principle is if the new product costs less each month you pay a one-off admin fee of £15 to downgrade. If the new product costs more, the upgrade is FOC.

In your case going from premier 3 to 2 or 1 will cost £15.

What is your normal usage. If its less than 12GB peak, you may want to switch to PAYGO - see Changing to PAYGO.

Cost of changing package

Regular Peak time usage is 15 to 20 GB a month, generally around 15 now.

Off peak is anything from 80 to 120, depends on what is needed to transfer from home to work and vice versa, how much time spent online gaming, how much support time required for home to work through when on call, etc.