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Cost of Service


Cost of Service

I know some of this has already been covered but I would like a direct answer to my question please.

I am paying £39.99 for a service that you are now offering to new customes for £21,99. which is for 2mb speed and 30:1 contention unlimited download.

Is that correct?

if not what is the difference?

how do I re-contract for the new £21.99 premier service.

thanks :?:
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Cost of Service

You are correct.

Raise a contact us ticket and ask for the free downgrade to £21.99.

- Account changes
- Downgrade my account
- I am an existing Premier customer and would like to downgrade to a cheaper Premier package for free

Cost of Service

I'm in a similar position... my exchange due for the bulk upgrade in July but I am on a £29.99 1Mb service.

Surely if I use my "free downgrade" to the £21.99 2Mb package I will save money AND get my 2Mb nowHuh
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Cost of Service

Yes, there is no justification for paying the extra £8 a month.

It has been argued that the free downgrade to £21.99 should have been automatic.

But the free regrade won't be speeded up by changing packages. That will cost £14.99 if you want 2Mb now rather than later.
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Cost of Service

If you use your free downgrade to 21.99 you will be paying 21.99 (i.e. saving money), but still on 1Mb until the bulk upgrade takes place.

If you use your free downgrade to 21.99 *and* pay 14.99 for a speed upgrade, you will be paying 21.99 and on 2Mb.

i.e. the downgrade and "jump the queue" speed upgrades are different things and both normally cost 14.99. PN are offering only the former free.


Cost of Service

perhaps i should have started a new topic as my situation is slightly different to those posted above but here goes anyway.
I'm currently paying £25.49 per month for the 512k service, i chose to include the cost of the modem and connection in the monthly direct debit rather than an initial one off payment. I now see new users get 2Mb with free modem and free connection. I doesnt feel right that im paying £11 per month more for a lesser service and if i cancelled my contract and started again I would be saving money and have a faster connection.

Is there anything I can do about this?


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Cost of Service

The free modem and activation is on the condition that you stay for 5 years, with the cancellation charges reducing every full year you stay with us.

We are upgrading all our broadband accounts so as long as your line supports 2MB you will be able to get that for the same price you are currently paying once these bulk regrades have completed.

If you want to "jump the queue" you can pay £14.99 and we will try and upgrade your line to 2MB immediately.

From the example price you have given it isn't clear which product you are on, however if you are on Home Lite or Premier with included activation and modem after the first 12 months the extra £7.50 for the modem and activation will be removed.