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Corporate SPAM filtering at ISP level


Corporate SPAM filtering at ISP level

Let's face it we all receive spam and its a right pain. The problem is that without an external service such as MessageLabs, we are left to fend for ourselves by installing server based software to combat the problem, leaving our bandwidth continually being erroded.

BUT... the ISP's could virtually stop this overnight if ONLY they would filter this cr@p out as it hits their network.

The technology is available, but it seems that little if any ISP has taken this problem by the scruff of the neck and said, yes - we will be the first make a stand.

I accept that this may result in a certain increased service charge. PN even offer an anti-Spam service to their POP3 accounts, which is fine for those people, but what about the thousands of corporate users running SMTP services such as Exchange.

Come on PN, take the bit and give us something that's REALLY very useful.

Corporate SPAM filtering at ISP level

This as been mentioned time and time again on various forums but Plusnet don't seem to be interested. Myself and others have also asked for SPF records to be added but nothings been done in 2 years.

Time to move on I guess.
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Corporate SPAM filtering at ISP level

I have notice a lot of spam has found it's way into my main account to which I have nothing at all registered.

I thik I'll set up an account with a name like and see who much spam I get.

PN spam settings don't appear to be as effective as they once were.