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Continuous dial tone on phone


Continuous dial tone on phone

Could anyone shed some light on the following? Hope this is the right forum for this...

My landline intermittently gives me a dial tone but after dialling the number, the dial tone comes back and the number won't dial. BT say there is no fault on the line and PlusNet say they can't do anything unless my ADSL isn't functioning, or is part of the problem. I've taken all the steps available to check phones, switches etc. but the problem continues. I stress that it's only intermittent and all the equipment is new- ADSL is fine. How do I know if the ADSL is to blame? All I know is that prior to installing it, there was no such problem.

Any help appreciated
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Continuous dial tone on phone


I have experianced a few issues similar to this in the past.

These have either related to the phone itself (although it was a budget quality phone) or a broken filter.

My first suggestion would be to to try the phone in the master socket without any ADSL or filters plugged in.

Although I could understand this may not be very easy for some, it is something that would nee to be done at some stage, to rule out local equipment.

As for reporting this as a fault through us, there is nothing we can do for you. As this relates to your phone service itself, only BT would take this as a fault (any fault we raise would be rejected).

If ADSL is the cause of this, BT would still likely locate the problem when reported as a voice fault. I advise against saying you have ADSL when reporting a fault of this kind though.

BT have been known on occasion to say you need to speak to your ISP, without listening to what you problem actualy is, when such reports have been made.

If a fault engineer needs to know what services could be causing this, he has access to your line information and the services (like ADSL) that are on your line.

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Continuous dial tone on phone

Thanks for your coments.

Yes, I tried two different phones in the master socket with no filter but by that time, the problem had gone - temporarily - even with the filter. BT were actually quite helpful and suggested your course of action but you can see my problem - it's a classic example of 'nobody's fault' syndrome. I know it isn't my phones so it must be a line problem or a router/switch problem (both less than 2 weeks old). Thankfully, today there have been no problems so far so we'll see.