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Continuing to be billed after migration.


Continuing to be billed after migration.

I was on a monthly contract with PlusNet ADSL for almost 5 years, I purchased my own hardware from another source so there is no issues with outstanding hardware costs others have experienced.

On 6 Jan 2007 I gave a MAC code to Zen, and the weekend of the 13th January my broadband was migrated over to Zen.

I’ve just checked and I’m still being billed by PlusNet. My billing information is follows.

Last bill 26/01/2007: fully paid
Next bill 26/02/2007.

Can anyone here shed any light, I have already raised a question with the support team.
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Continuing to be billed after migration.

If you look at the page where the list of other ISPs is given when you requested your MAC, there is an option to tell Plusnet when your migration has completed - did you do that?

Many people request their MAC code in a fit of pique, but don't then use it. PN cannot therefore automatically terminate the ADSL at the end of the 30 day notice period. BT wholesale are supposed to tell the losing ISP when a migration has completed, but that doesn't always happen or is often very delayed.
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Continuing to be billed after migration.


As jelv says we normally receive confirmation from BT Wholesale when a customer migrates out and we automatically downgrade the account to a free account.

On occassions this doesn't happen, most common is when the customer switches to an LLU service with the new ISP.

Best thing to do is to raise a ticket, we can check into it and see when the migration happened and if you've paid for any time after the notice period refund it to you.
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Continuing to be billed after migration.

Hi boomer,

One of our support guys has already actioned your refund, and your account has been downgraded to a free account.

Please accept our apologies for this problem and delay.