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Contacts field niggles - POP3


Contacts field niggles - POP3

In the Contacts it would be nice to have the additional fields 'Work Fax' and
'Title'. It would also be nice to distinguish between work and home mobile numbers.

No guesses that the system is based on the US format, and it is nice to see that the zip code label has been changed to Post Code. It would be nice if we had a European address format that does not ask for State.

When viewing the contacts list, there are not enough characters shown in the column to be able to call someone without opening the contact record. It would be nice to be able to dynamically size the column width. I also found that when you put +44 (xxx) it runs out of characters when you save the record. ie I have a few truncated telephone numbers (it would appear).

I noticed that despite having a few contacts in the list and adding a new contact, I got the message "Address Book Empty. Add a new contact by clicking 'New Contact' button below ". There did not seem to be a way of refreshing to view the whole list again. All I saw were the 4 buttons asking to Compose Msg/New Contact/New Group/Import.

Good effort....
Not sure how the SMS feature under the File drop down menu will work.