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Contacting Plusnet


Contacting Plusnet

I signed up for plusnet 4 days ago and my status is still on the 'checking details' section. I'd like to know roughly how much longer it will take, but can't for the life of me get through the help section to be able to email someone. I've read that this is possible - could someone please tell me how?

Contacting Plusnet

Help & Support > Sales & Orders > Broadband Orders > Track the Progress of a Broadband Order.

At this point, a window will pop up - close this, and in the original window the page will have changed. There will be an option "Alternatively, ask your question to the Support Team".

You can then type into a box and ask your question!

It's a long and irritating way to get to ask a question that was introduced a couple of months ago - used to be easier. Also, don't necessarily expect a reply to soon as the ticket reply times seem to have gone downhill again (people waiting for days) after a few days of them being good a week or 2 ago.
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Contacting Plusnet

Hi robpercival,

The reason for the delay is the fact that you chose to pay exclusively by Direct Debit.

What this means is that we have to wait for the activation of your Direct Debit Instruction before an order is sent to the supplier to activate your line. It tends to add 5 days or so to the usual 7 day lead time. You should see the order progressing once you Direct Debit is active.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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All i can say is you made a mistake signing up to plusnet

I have 26 plusnet accounts. I have been with plusnet for over 4 years now and was even based next door to them in Sheffield working as a support technician. Up until the last 6 months the customer care has been average but acceptable. However the last six months has been beyond poor. Absolutely rubbish. The new website is rubbish if all you want to do is put a ticket in. I have spent weeks on some cases just sending tickets and waiting for a reply for days that turns out to not even answer the question in the first place. As far as ringing support that’s an even bigger joke. This is why I am typing this now, I am on yet another support call waiting for someone to pick up. Hence I probably have hours to type this. I keep threatening to move all my accounts to a better provider. I am sure I wont find a hard one. Even this alone will prove to be a pain it will be worth it.
It’s a shame as everything is fine with the broadband itself. Its just the total lack of customer support and care. I am sure I am not the only customer out their thinking this. Bored of the same excuses now I keep getting from plusnet. Funny how the other providers seem to be coping ok.

Regards yet another cheesed off plusnet customer.