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Contacting Plusnet

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Contacting Plusnet

Mercifully in the last two years I had no problems with PN, and on the odd occasion I needed to contact them, I was easily able to talk to a human being .

However, a few weeks ago Plusnet lost all my mail and this week I have had problems connecting to the Internet.(No I am not on MaxDSL and have not been LLU'd).

On Monday, I had an ADSL connection, but got the dreaded 'cannot find server OR DNS error. The connection was off practically all day. On checking with my neighbour (who is with BTInternet), he was also off.

He managed to report the fault to BT, BT told me to go through my ISP, ie Plusnet. What a nightmare. Could not report fault through Internet cos I had no connection. Tried phoning several times only to go round in circles and eventually ending up getting disconnected everytime and unable to report anything.

On Tuesday, after a brief connection, I lost my broadband Internet connection once again (as again did my neighbour). It magically re-appeared in the afternoon (both to me and my neighbour). BT rang my neighbour and told him they could not find any fault....yeh..right what a coincidence !!

This morning my connection was not working again (but neighbour is OK). It re-appeared this afternoon. At no time have any changes been made at my end.

So, what is my moan? Basically, when you have a connection problem, nobody is accountable. BT tell you to go through your ISP (and don't admit even when the fault is with them)and your ISP Plusnet has effectively denied its customers any way of communicating because the phone system of menus is an absolute farce, costs you money and disconnects you anyway.

Even when I am back on line (for how long ?) there does not seem to be any easy way of 'raising a ticket', and if I could work out how to do it, there would be no point as clearly I would be 'back on line'.

Get a grip Plusnet, and dump the irritating,automated,menu driven rubbish that is being passed off as Customer Service.
I expect to be able to talk to a human not endure a never ending diatribe of meaningless drivel ending with 'death by menu'.

Contacting Plusnet

Hi there,

Sorry to hear of your problems. Hopefully we can guide you in the right direction.

Visit select - My Broadband Connection - Self-test your Connection and Raise a Fault and let the process get underway.

A series of automated checks should take place and ticket will be generated.

A number of checks must be carried out before BT will accept a fault report from any ISP, hence the process which has to be followed. It can seem to be a pain at times, but it is a necessary evil.

Even if you got to speak with an agent, the same process would have to be followed.

I hope that helps and good luck getting the problem sorted.
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Contacting Plusnet

I agree totally. I've been having problems with my house move (PlusNet telling me to speak with BT and BT telling me that my ISP has to speak to BT Wholesale to get the marker removed).

The phone system at PlusNet is a joke. You need a masters to figure out which route to take and half the time you get cut off at the end or you end up waiting an eternity for a human at the other end.

One very unhappy customer.