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Contact Us Wizard for ADSL Down


Contact Us Wizard for ADSL Down

This wizard goes through the list of questions that BT require PN to ask the end user.

Questions include "have you unplugged everything else and just got the router/modem plugged in?"

When a recent call was logged on behalf of someone else's adsl, I went through the whole wizard. After reading and answering ALL the questions, it was rather annoying to get a response from a CS person asking the EXACT SAME questions AGAIN!

What is the point of using your wizard if I'm going to have to repeat the same answers over and over again?

Surely it would save me time to just choose the "other" option which avoids the wizards, and that way I only have to answer the questions once thereby making your wizards pointless!

There seems to be lack of consistency within the PN organisation which causes a lot of frustration when problems arise.