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Contact US - Ticket Issues


Contact US - Ticket Issues

Not sure why I was told to raise a problem here regarding a issue when viewing the contact us page.

Does anyone else have a problem when viewing your tickets on the contact us page?

When I enter the page it always displays 2 out of date closed tickets, then another 3 tickets. I don't click on any buttons to change the view so not sure why this is happening

Contact US - Ticket Issues

I agree about "not sure why ... raise a problem here ...", CS should be able to deal with their own issues! Wink

I have much the same thing, always two tickets showing (one has been there since September), plus any 'open tickets' - it appears to be the norm.

My extra two are time stamped
2004-08-05 11:50:15 - my most recent ticket
2003-09-08 11:04:10 - 64 tickets ago! (Out of a total of 87 but this doesn't include before I had broadband, all previous tickets have dissapeared)

Both the extra tickets are of the 'notification' type - closed when they were first opened, just informing you of something.


Contact US - Ticket Issues

well I've updated my ticket to ask why must I log something here relating to my account information.

I thought that tickets were raised to query something regarding an issue you may have about your account and information being held/displayed