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Constant disconnects - but not on MaxDSL?


Constant disconnects - but not on MaxDSL?

Over the past two weeks my DSL connection keeps disconnecting. I've had no problems whatsoever since joining PN on the Premier package last September until now. Last night was the final straw. I mostly use my internet connection at home to play World of Warcraft, but last night I disconnected six times in an hour and a quarter, making playing with my guild friends absolutely impossible as they couldn't rely on me being there when they needed me. So ... I did what any self-respecting person would do, I logged a ticket.

I'm confused tho. Having gone thru all the steps/questions etc, I was left with this:


10:44pm, Sunday 21st May 2006

Broadband Fault Checker - Connection checks [ In progress ]

The tests on your broadband connection have now started. Please check this Question in about two hours to see the results of the tests.

Ok, thinks I, it's late, I'll check again in the morning. Here we are now, 16 hours later ... and the ticket still hasn't been updated with the "results of the tests", and the ticket status is still saying awaiting response from the Support team.

So ... what am I supposed to do now? I have an unreliable internet connection at home now, I did the right thing and logged a call - to which I'm not getting the response the ticket itself says I should be getting! AND I'm not even on MaxDSL ... least, I don't believe so, since I've had no communique from PN to say I'm being upgraded.

Confused .....

Constant disconnects - but not on MaxDSL?

check all your microfilters and any extensions and stuff. Have had similar problems within the last year or two. a dodgy microfilter was the cause on 1 occassion and broken extension on the other occassion.
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Constant disconnects - but not on MaxDSL?

When you listen on the line, is there any noise? We've had quite a lot of rain recently so that may be a reason.

You can check for noise by using BT's test facility - dial 17070
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Constant disconnects - but not on MaxDSL?

Thanks, but I did all of that last night during the call-raising process. The microfilter hasn't been moved, touched, or otherwise disturbed since I put it in in Sept last year - and I tried another anyway, still same problem. And I disconnected all other telephone equipment as instructed by the support call questioning; still, no difference.

Constant disconnects - but not on MaxDSL?

There's no noise that I can hear, no, but I'll try that test facility, thanks for suggesting it.
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Constant disconnects - but not on MaxDSL?

I had constant disconnections - from 1/5/06, only after looking at the sync of my router did I realise that I had been MAXDSL'd. I am on day 21, the disconnection's stopped after about 5/6 days (had 271 in one evening :!: :!: :!: ), then went thru a period of very low download speeds, which are now building back up Cheesy

So my guess is that you have been MAXDSL'd and nobody has told you - take a look at your sync speed - has this changed :?:

Constant disconnects - but not on MaxDSL?

Hmmmm ... that's a very good question! I hadn't even thought to check my sync speed, since as no-one told me I was being upgraded, I assumed I wasn't yet. Well we all know what "assume" did ... !

I'll check it tonight, thanks ... always presuming that my link stays up long enough to do so Smiley

Constant disconnects - but not on MaxDSL?

Well, it does appear that perhaps I HAVE been MaxDSLd, since the speed tests indicate a line speed of 4+Mb. And the disconnects are still going on, as ever.

However ... as with so many other people, my support ticket has FINALLY (after 4 days) been updated to say .......... nothing wrong with the line, are you sure it's not your equipment?!

To which I've replied that this seems to be a standard answer from PlusNet, and that NO, it's not my equipment, since I had to test all that during their initial diagnostic tests!

*sigh* Oh for a stable working internet connection again ...