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Connectivity issues - yet more...


Connectivity issues - yet more...

I have been receiving bad connectivity with my self-install package during the past few weeks - I appreciate the upgrades being done at the moment, but I do seem to get disconnected from my ADSL service with astonishing regularity.

Par example, I was happily downloading about 30 mins ago when my ADSL connection gave up - this happens quite frequently I hasten to add.

I first tried to ping my IP address and it came up with "TTL expired in transit"... I have just tried to tracert my IP address and it seems to be getting stuck in a loop between []
and []

Is this meant to happen? Is it to stop people resolving my address?

When i usually get disconnected, it just says that my request timed out when pinging my external IP.

Any ideas?


RE: Connectivity issues - yet more...

Hi Rob,

As stated in our service status announcements and discussed elsewhere in this forum, there is an ongoing issue regarding packet loss at present which is affecting a number of ADSL accounts.

It is most likely that the speed issues you are experiencing are connected with this.

Our new 'fat pipe' is scheduled for imminent installation and we are confident this will resolve the problems currently being experienced.

Best Regards,

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