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I know you have had problems with friaco - and by the comments posted this is now resolved - so why cant i connect on the 0808 number - its no problem on the 0845 number - try 0808 and i get every excuse in the book - doesnt recognise my login name or password - not responding in a timely manner (how quaint)just plain not working so have you and bt made up your differences or not - or is it your name server - to confusing for me - i just want to hit the button and marvel at the pretty pictures. love to have a braodband connection - but i suppose the chances of BT or anyone else lugging a fancy new connection to the middle of rural gloucestershire is so remote that i had better just leave it as a dream. By the way did ispreview give you an award and then brutally snatch it away - get my problem fixed and i will go back to telling everyone that your the best thing since sliced bread.

RE: Connections

I can confirm we do have a problem with the 0808 this evening which are engineers are currently resolving. Please bare with us while we sort this issue.

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