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Connection to Ladbrokes Online Poker


Connection to Ladbrokes Online Poker

Not sure if this is classed as feedback or not. But i'm on 2MB business ADSL and i play online ladbrokes poker a fair bit.

I've noticed since Sunday i'm getting an apalling connection to ladbrokes (using their poker game client). I know it's not ladbrokes themselves because others are fine using a different ISP.

It's actually so bad it makes the whole thing unplayable and obviously is costing me $$$ for missing out on hands Smiley

Anyone else having similar problems?

I've not actually tried tracing routes or anything yet, just wanted to know if any other plusnet users have seen similar issues.

Connection to Ladbrokes Online Poker

Hi There

Having seen a few opf these sites it seems to be reliant on Java and this can sometimes cause a slowdown on the machine, as the site itself seems fine from a home 512K connecton. If you try some other sites and alsoa ping to this one you will be able to diagnose further the issue.