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Connection speed after fault.


Connection speed after fault.


Just after a bit of advise or thoughts on some things if possible.

Our connection was LLU'd couple of months back and all was ok for over a month. We did have occasion loss of synch or conneciton problems but nothing that could not be lived with. The router would report 8mb downstream and 600+ kbps upstream (can't remem the exact figure).

Last few weeks the connection was terrible (I ruled out any local faults, I.E. hardware, filters etc). The line would stay synched but the router was constantly reporting LCP down etc, or connection failures.

I reported it to CS and they raised it with the supplier. They then reported back that the supplier had made changes to our connection and all should be fine.

Well the connection has been spot on however the router is now synching at 4099kbps downstream (this I can live with as I understand to get a stable line the connection speed may have to be lowered) but the upstream is now at 263kbps.

I queried this with CS who said they are unable to adjust the upstream speed at present as they don't have the correct profile tools to do so (can't remem their exact wording).

The router stats are now:

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 4099 kbps 263 kbps
Line Attenuation 40 db 10.5 db
Noise Margin 19 db 27 db

Does this seem right? The connection is ok and I'm happy with the downstream however the upstream was something I was pleased with before and now obviously not so. Also how come the Noise margin is so high I thought it should be lower for LLU connections?

(sorry my understanding of these connections is not brilliant).

Many thanks for any advise, thoughts.

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Connection speed after fault.

The upstream speed should be much higher and your line stats clearly confirm this should be the case. Also gven the default SNR for LLU is 12dB, it looks like you are on the wrong profile which is causing your slower speeds.

Also PN can change the profiles on your account (I know of someone who was in a similar position and they got the speed corrected) so you need to raise this again and ask for the upstream speed to be treated as a fault to be passed back to Tiscali or dealt with internally by PN faults team. Also state you think your profile is wrong for the line stats you have.

If they still say this cannot be done them let me know via PM with your ticket number and I will try to get it raise it via PUG.

Connection speed after fault.

Peter, Many thanks for your reply. I will raise this now. Thanks for your help.