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Connection problems


Connection problems

I have just spent the last half hour constantly rebooting my router to connect to the internet. It seems to be a repeatt of Fridays authentication problem.

The router tells me it is syncronised to broadband but the PlusNet server is refusing to accept my login details.

Anyone else having the same problems. I tried to phone PlusNet, there is nobody answering the phones anymore just a stupid call back service.

If the service does not improve very soon it will be time to jump this sinking ship. The customer service is getting very poor now, when I first joined it was excellent. :x :x :x
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Connection problems

DId you try re-entering your login details and making sure all the other ADSL settings are still correct. You ADSL login details are shown under connection settings -> connection details.

If that does not help, disconnect the router for 1 hour to ensure the link to the exchange is reset completely then try again.

If that does not solve the problem, try resetting to factory defaults and going through the setup again.

If you have access to other ADSL equipment, try that in case your router is bad.