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Connection problems


Connection problems

Hey people!

Lately i've been having loads of problems with something, but i can't tell what it is!

After a while (or as soon as i turn my pc on) whenever i try to go on websites i get "This website cannot be found" or similar errors (on mozilla) and its the same on IE. But when i restart my router its ok for about 15 minutes and then its the same i can't do anything again! So i have to keep restarting all the time....

Do you think this is my router or a dodgey internet connection or something else?


Connection problems

hi mate, i been getting disconnect a lot in the last week or 2 and i thought it sorted it self out in the last fewdays but it seems that is not the case, i just raised a ticket now and hopefully it besorted out quickly as since i have a business account these should get resloved a bit quicker Wink
I am on the Mill Hill exchange btw
hope your problem gets sorted out asap