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Connection healthy again. Thank you PN and Dave Tomlinson!


Connection healthy again. Thank you PN and Dave Tomlinson!

A follow-up on

The revised ticket was dealt smoothly by CSC, who kept me informed all the time. Thanks Dave Tomlinson for steering it in the right direction Cheesy - and to all the CSC agents who added information on the ticket. It was very reassuring to know what was going on...even if I didn't understand what tests were being carried out.

BT engineer came on Thursday. He only had to tug the phone line outside and the whole cable came down. It wasn't the wind, wasn't the trees... the damage was due to....squirrels! :twisted:

They'd chewed through the cable in several parts, the connection must have been running through one or two threads of copper. No wonder it dropped when the wind shook the cable.

Cable (all 70m of it) was replaced. Sync shot up from a miserly 1000kbps (on a good day) to 6500kbps. The engineer insisted on replacing the ADSLNation face plate with an identical BT one (£11 down the drain). In the process also removed the ring wire and something else (wish I knew what it was) from BT's box behind the socket. Looked like an extra pair of wires to me...Whatever it was he removed cleared all the hissing noise from the router

The result: a perfect connection. Only a couple of drops since Thursday and running at between 5800 (evenings) and 6800kbps.

Now I'm eagerly waiting for the bRAS and IP proile to be updated - still running at 500kbps, yuk! Don't know if the Delta report has reached PN :?:

Any chance someone in PN can look at my profile and reset it before the squirrels start nibbling the line again? :roll:
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Connection healthy again. Thank you PN and Dave Tomlinson!

Run look to see if your IP Profile has increased yet. When it has look at at and see if that has increased to around the same level. If they don't tie up open a ticket asking for your stable rate to be poked and quote the full output from the BT test.
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Connection healthy again. Thank you PN and Dave Tomlinson!


That's good to hear. And I need to add squirrels to the list of strange things that cause broadband faults. Dogs and cats chewing internal wiring and birds damaging cables but I think that's the first squirrel fault I've seen.

Looking at the speed history we've had a 1Mbps speed come through which you should see applied the next time you disconnect/reconnect, hopefully in the next couple of days it will go up again towards 5Mbps.

Connection healthy again. Thank you PN and Dave Tomlinson!

IP Profile on BT test gone up to 1000 now.

Things are looking up Tongue

(squirrels have very sharp teeth)
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Connection healthy again. Thank you PN and Dave Tomlinson!

Completely off topic - when I replaced the flexible connectors to my bottled gas system the only type available were stainless steel braid wrapped. I was informed that the reason was squirrel damage (we are close to the New Forest)and that using non reinforced pipes was considered too risky.