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Connection getting worse, what to do now?


Connection getting worse, what to do now?

Hi all,

Been with PlusNet for over a year now, previously on 2Mbit Premier ADSL, now (I believe) on Premier Option 1 upto 8Mbit.

I noticed mid August I was finally getting my upto 8Mbit upgrade, with a randomly done speedtest (albeit showing my downstream at 3300Kbit/s and my upstream at 400Kbit/s. Since then, in late August, I had some speedtests hitting just below 5Mbit.

However, since Late September, things have gone from bad to worse. Following a link I received on these forums, I've checked my Stable Line Speed, and it's currently 500Kbit/s.

Heres how some Speedtests look :


10/15/2006 9:08 AM GMT 405 kb/s 252 kb/s 36 ms London ~ 200 mi

10/10/2006 9:07 PM GMT 495 kb/s 354 kb/s 56 ms London ~ 200 mi

10/9/2006 10:11 PM GMT 496 kb/s 370 kb/s 66 ms London ~ 200 mi

10/9/2006 9:57 PM GMT 494 kb/s 369 kb/s 71 ms London ~ 200 mi

10/3/2006 9:06 AM GMT 470 kb/s 369 kb/s 54 ms London ~ 200 mi

9/29/2006 10:49 PM GMT 741 kb/s 364 kb/s 63 ms London ~ 200 mi

9/28/2006 5:43 PM GMT 4146 kb/s 365 kb/s 59 ms London ~ 200 mi

9/28/2006 5:42 PM GMT 3244 kb/s 364 kb/s 63 ms London ~ 200 mi

9/25/2006 8:29 PM GMT 2032 kb/s 370 kb/s 76 ms London ~ 200 mi


I've been told that by rebooting my hardware (3Com Officeconnect Router, 3CRWDR100A - 72) once a day for 3 days and having my connection sync at a higher line speed will improve things. However - how am I supposed to do this when my connection is constantly dropping?

I also keep hearing that 'as long as you are getting 400Kbit downstream linespeed thats adequate for 8Mbit'.

What can I do next? I can't get my modem to 'only reset once per day' because it's dropping out several times per day.

Anyone got any other advice before I jump ship to AOL (I'd rather not join them - but do get a staff offer, £14.99 for Platinum up to 8Mbit, which compared to this service sounds like heaven!)

Thanks in advance for any help / advice Smiley