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Connection faults backlog, how large.


Connection faults backlog, how large.

It's now been a month since the Maxdsl upgrades were stopped to allow CS to get on top of the backlog of tickets. Looking at the forums it does not seem that the backlog has been reduced, in fact users complaining about tickets not be responding to and no BB connection seem to be on the increase, not decreasing. Why is this? Shortage of staff or the number of problems?

Seem that the current batch of connection issues are with LLU. Perhaps PN should put this on hold as well until the ticket backlog has been cleared.

Who is running CS now, considering the CS director left a few weeks ago. If he has been replaced it will be a good PR it the new person put a statement on this forum. But do they prefer to keep their identity hidden, did anyone know the name of the last director?