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Connection drops fixed by BT?


Connection drops fixed by BT?

Dear Mr xxxxx,
BT have corrected a fault on the network which they believe has fixed the fault.

What you should do now
1. Please reset your equipment and test the connection by plugging your modem/router into the master socket with all other devices disconnected.

2. If you still have problems after this please call us on 0845 1406000 to let us know the results of your retest. Our faults team can then take the appropriate action.

Please make sure you contact us within 5 days. If you don't do it within this time the fault is likely to have timed out with BT. We would then need to raise a new fault case which would delay checks on your problem.


To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

Connection drops fixed by BT?

Oh god, BT are absolute idiots.

They sorted my connection dropping problems...thats good right?


My line supports between 5mbps and 8mbps, so how did they fix it? Set my sync speed to 3mbps and lowered my IP profile to 2500.

So now, my connection is just a little slower than it was before the upgrade to maxDSL. I can't help but laugh...!

I'll miss my 450kb/sec downloads though, i hope it gets sortedSad

props to PN support today though, they have been excellent :!: