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Connection (and help) problems

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Connection (and help) problems

Yesterday evening - and not for the first time - when I tried to access the net using Firefox, I spent several minutes watching the screen 'looking for Then on comes the dial up box. As I'm on broadband I clicjk out of that and the message comes up " could not be found,please check the name and try agaion"
After trying this for an hour with no luck, I try to telephone the 24/7 help line on 08451400200. I get the 'not available' tone!!
Today I get in straight away, Log in as usual (despite having done the auto log in procedure many times) and look for help. Under connection difficulties I see an entry 'PlusNet - Broadband for Home and Business' ands the content refs XP firewall so I thought I'd have a look at that. When I click on it what comes up is "Windows XP Dial-up - A Guide for setting up a dial-up connection in Windows XP' - great help for Broadband!
So I try to ring the friendly folk again and am told the waiting time is 42 minutes
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Connection (and help) problems

There could be a number of things causing this, though it is most likely going to be something local to yourself, possibly firewall software on your machine.

The best thing to do would be to visit link:contact us and then raise a ticket through to support so that they can advise you.

Connection (and help) problems

To me, it sounds like you may have trouble with the DSL modem/router.

Have you tried using internot exploiter or another browser to connect?

Have you tried performing ping tests to a webby such as and see if you have any replies?

It may be something as simple as your connection settings are set to dial when no network connection is available.

If you've tried all these, then I'll be getting my coat Wink