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Connection Usage Meter empty


Connection Usage Meter empty

Hello, dear F9 team. I've seen the usage meter inaccuracies thread and think this is something else. For many days now I get zero usage for the current month, all the bars are empty. Sometimes last week's usage has a figure, indicating that measuring is taking place, but again nothing on the bar. Previous months are OK, showing both bar and totals. Is it just me, or is this a common problem?

PS I've recently signed up for the 512k to 1M upgrade, but was experiencing the problem before that so don't think it is related. Grand service already.
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Connection Usage Meter empty


For some of the days this month (24th - 29th if memory serves me right) we've deleted the data so it will show zero.

For the rest, then there are two possible explanations. Either your usage is too low for it to be recorded, or there's something wrong with the tool. If you've definately used the connection since the 29th and more than just a MB or two each day then I'll raise this to the developers to look into.

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I've also got nothing in any day except today.

Also, my Usage This Month summary is for period "Jan 1 1970 - Dec 30 1999", which is a surprise Shocked

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Connection Usage Meter empty

Hi there,

I have added your username to the ongoing problem (number 20299) as you should not see the monitoring period incorrectly.

Connection Usage Meter empty

In that case, if it's not already there, perhaps you would add my account name as well. When I raised this a couple of weeks back, I was told it was related to being on an annual account rather than monthly.