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Connection Stability Issue


Connection Stability Issue

Mornin folks, having some problems with my connectivity stability. Basically about 2 months ago (Roughly) i started getting random disconnections with my connection while playing World of Warcraft and Counter Strike 1.6.

I've sat and watched my route and the green "i" for internet connection simple shuts off, indicating a loss of connection. Whthin a couple of seconds it flashes orange to let me know it's trying to reconnect and then it eventually does after about 5-7seconds.

I read a post discussing issues with connectivity while gaming and i'm unsure if it's related to that, hence the thread. Overall i'd just like some sort of guidance, help etc to clearing it up because it's really starteing to irritate me. I'm even considering finding out when my contract with is up to swich isp's.

Some info that may be of help:
1) Router - Netgear DG834
2) O/s - Win 2k Pro. Fresh install about 2 weeks ago.
3) The machine itself is a Mesh computer
4) No issues until approximatly 2 months ago

Anything else needed please let me know as obviously i wont to get this sorted be it from my end or's end.

Cheers and Slainthe Mhaith

Connection Stability Issue

Hi there,

Disconnects, whereby you lose synch with the exchange, (link light going out) are at times hard to diagnose.

Generally it is either a local problem with your hardware, filters, internal wiring or a line / exchange fault.

have a read at the following tutorials

ADSL Troubleshooting

ADSL Wiring and filters

Having checked and elimanated the likelyhood of an internal problem, then raise a ticket via Link:Contact Us so that the issue can be investigated.

I hope it gets sorted soon.