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Connection Loss


Connection Loss

Last week I lost my connection. I wanted to cry.

Over the course of my time off line, I learnt that I had been regraded to LLU. Havng read the forums I knew that this was the likely cause of my issues.

In my opinion, Plus Net were fantastic and provided me with all the support they could.

Today, I got my connection back and I was happy as a pig in S**T. I was dissapointed when I found that despite connecting at 7.6Mb I was only getting approx 2Mb speeds. The first thing I did was blame my USB modem.

Earlier this afternoon, I bought a D-Link DSL-G624T Router.

After setting this up, I was even happier then the earlier mentioned pig. I was connected and getting approx 7Mb speeds (according to PN Speed Test).

An hour later and I lost my connection. Since this first occurance it has been happening more and more often. The ADSL light on my router turns off. After several minutes it will start to blink (resetting?) and eventually re-establish the connection.

Is this a problem with my settings or do I need to raise a new ticket?