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Connection Limits


Connection Limits

We have raised this on 2 other forums but have not got a responce from so we will try again.

When FUP was planned it was agreed that the limit was downloads and uploads werent counted. When the portal showed that my usage was 17 gig which was fine as I have a 30 gig limit and I didnt need to worry.
Now the usage shows uploads and downloads and I have to stop downloads at the end of the month to keep within my limits as my usage is now 28-29.6 gig.

The other point was with the FUP if you went over you got an email the first month and then the second and final got restricted.

We want clafication on the current policy (how can we keep to it if plus net wont tell us what it is)

Are the figures on the portal now showing uploads and downloads?

What happens if we go over our limit?
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Connection Limits

There are no 'limits' as such. The FUP was scrapped and PN decided to maintain their network based on Contention, so that the service was not adversely affected.

Thus far, it has meant we have been receiving exactly the same, if not a better, level of service.

With your level of usage, I wouldn't worry. I usually use just under twice that amount and sometimes more, without any problems at all.

Only if you are maxing out your connection so often, and in a way that is adversely affecting network performance for other users will you be over the 'limit' and Plusnet will contact you to discuss options as and when this arises.

AFAIK, this hasn't happened to anyone as of yet.
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Connection Limits

Well all the "Bandwidth Hogs" left when the FUP was planned (most of em anyway) and they most haven't come back hence nobody complaining about this imo.