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Connection Issues


Connection Issues

This morning I came to use my computer and found that the broadband connection had dropped.

The first thing I did was try and connect. At this point I received a message saying no dial tone. In the past when I have received this message all I have done is tried a couple of times and eventually it works. In this instance all that happened was the error repeated itself.

Due to the message, I tested the phone line and confirmed that there was actually a dial tone. I confirmed this further by calling the fault line. This tells me that there are currently NO Service Issues.

I have rebooted the computer about 5 times. I have disconnected my modem and reconnected. I have swapped USB ports. None of this has made any difference.

Despite calling the service status and being told that there is no problem, I have arrived at work where I can get net access. From here I have used the Broadband Fault Checker which tells me that there is no problem (not sure if it is checking from my current location or whether it is checking my line). So, this is now 2 sources of information telling me that everything is okay.

Finally I check the Service Status page and see that there is a Yellow light and Spanner next to 'ADSL Dial'. Clicking the spanner tells me :

ERX Maintenance
Maintenance Window: - 01:00 - 02:00 - 18th July 200

So, I have finally found that something has been going on.

Why am I still getting problems??

I have tried the wizard for checking my Broadband but have had to stop at one of the tests asking me to plug my modem into the main phone line. Despite being unable to do this because I am work, I would be unable to do this at home due to the location of the computer and the location of the phone line.

Before I start lugging around lots of heavy equipment (UNLIKELY TO DO THIS ANYWAY) could somebody please give me an update of what is happening?

Preferably I would have like to speak to somebody however it seems nearly impossible to actually get a number to call anyone. I would have liked to raise a ticket but again it is quite difficult to find how to do this.

EDIT: Okay manage to find how to raise a ticket. Approx 6 hours wait. Would like to know something before then especially as my wife will be attempting to go online soon and will be calling me to find out why there is a problem with the computer!!!!

One thing I did notice was that on the modem status icon it tells me that it is trying to initialize the ADSL line.

All help would be greatly appreciated.


yuck USB modem

as you are using a USB MODEM "the no dialtone" refers to the fact its not syncing with the exchange and can't bring up the ATM layer.

I suggest you try pluging the modem directly with a filter into the test socket behind the bottom plate of the master BT socket.

if that works ither some device or internal wiring is causing problems. or maybe you have been LLU'd.

Do you have any emails about being moved to another supplier ?

Connection Issues

When you say plug the modem directly into the test plate, does this require me to move my computer and monitor as well so I can test that it is connecting? This is nealry impossible for me to do due to the way I have everything wired up at home.

I haven't received any mails saying that I have been or am due to be LLU'd. Is there a way I can check this?


Connection Issues

Broadband Fault Checker - Connection checks [ Completed ]

The Connection checks have now completed

Test result summary: Fail
We have completed testing of your broadband service. The results indicate that the fault may be caused by a problem with our systems. More information may be available on our Service Status page.Please check Service Status.If there is no service-wide problem reported on Service Status, we will provide an update when we have more information.


i just assume everyone has laptops/wifi kit to test things with.

I do but i'm a IT spod by trade.

good luck with your fault.

Connection Issues

I've got my desktop and that's it. My wife is likely to be getting a laptop for work in the near future but that won't help me now unfortunately Sad

I have seen a maintenance update though which may or may not fix my problem (not holding my breath!)

Emergency ERX Maintenance - Tuesday 18th July - 4pm to 6pm
Service Affected: - ADSL Dial

Maintenance Window: - Tuesday 18th July - 4pm to 6pm

Detailed description of work to be performed: - To help assist with the investigation of the problem seen on Friday our hardware suppliers need to run some further debugging commands on the affected router.

Expected Customer Impact: - There is a small possibility that some customers will be disconnected during the maintenance work. Should this happen then customers will be able to reconnect immediately.

Kind Regards,

Dave Tomlinson
Customer Support