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Connection Issues -


Connection Issues -

Has anyone else recently experienced a connection issue?

As I am an avid gamer of several online games notibly World of Warcraft and Counter Strike, my latency and connection matters to me and today my connection has gone fubar.

If anyone knows what i mean : you can show a latency graph in the lower right hand of your screen in counter strike which shows in, out, of your bandwidth.

3 lines, green, blue and red, they should all remain more or less horizontal, yet, my green bar ( latency ) spikes intermittently and i get bits of the red bar in it ( representing packet loss )

My first thought would be to reset the rouer > same problem
Replace the dsl filter > same problem

So my next route was to do a speed test on the plus net site. Of which I had recently received a comfortable ~1930 but on this particular test i receve ~1530

Can someone tell me wtf is plusnet doing ?!