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Connection Gone - No Customer Service At All


Connection Gone - No Customer Service At All


I live in Lower Earley and my connection went down on Wednesday and has not come back since. I have logged tickets and tried to call but with no luck or response. I cannot believe how bad CS can get so quickly. When I tried the fault checker it believes my line has not even been provisioned, yet it has been working for the past few months!! AND I am being billed.

My mate also lives in LE and he has had no connection problems, he is also with PN.

What is going on, and what is happening with PN CS!!!!
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Connection Gone - No Customer Service At All

Do you know what exchange you are on? If it is Reading South that is now enabled for Tiscali LLU and Plusnet may have attempted to move your ADSL connection onto that, if so you may be in the company of many others who seem to have had their ADSL disconnected during the move! If you are on the Reading Earley exchange you have a different problem since Tiscali do not appear to have unbundled that exchange yet

To find out which exchange you are on go to and enter your phone number-- if you click on the exchange name you can see many of the grisly details about it! Wink

My exchange (Bracknell) now appears to have Tiscali LLU but I opted out of being put on LLU about a month ago