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Connection 'Active' but unable to access external Internet


Connection 'Active' but unable to access external Internet


I have read a few threads, including but my question is not quite answered.

My problem is this...

I have a D-Link DSLG604T router with the latest UK firmware installed on it ( I have 4 ethernet connected PC's connected to it and a wireless laptop. I can pretty much always access the router from any of my machines from behind the router itself.

However, recently (and more so since the upgrade to 8Mb took place) the connection is still active but it is unable to talk to the outside internet. So I can still ping and transfer data between all of my internal machines from behind the router, but they can't speak to machines outside on the wider Internet. So I know the router itself is OK - and it seems to be connected. But it can't access web pages, IRC channels or other machines.

I can log in to the admin page and the connection is set as active.

To get it to work again, I pull the power and turn it back on and that automatically works, every time. But then it will happen again - sometimes two minutes later, sometimes two days later, sometimes two weeks later. There's no set pattern to it.

It's very frustrating becuase I'm a photographer and often I leave a batch of images uploading overnight - I come down in the morning and find that the connection has failed and my upload stopped.

What I am trying to determine is whether it's a fault with my router or with the Force 9 connection. How can I determine which is the problem?

I hope Dave Tomlinson (for example as I note he has checked connection logs of some users in other threads) or another Force 9 Support Worker can help.

All suggestions welcome from everyone


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Connection 'Active' but unable to access external Internet

When this happens do the lights on the front of your router stay on? In particular the ADSL light.

Even though this happens when you are uploading files have you checked for an idle timeout setting either on your router or the Force9 idle timeout?
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff

Connection 'Active' but unable to access external Internet

Thanks for your reply.

Yes - the lights are all on when this happens.

No - I have not checked for an idle timeout. As you say, it usually happens when I am actually doing something. It could be anything from browsing the web, downloading e-mail, or uploading files. But I will check for that on my router. In the meantime I have also opted out of the Idle Timeouts scheme as per your link above (thanks).

Is there anyway to check the connection (same UN as used in these forums) from Force 9's point of view? Are there logs that might help diagnose problems?


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Connection 'Active' but unable to access external Internet

From checking your Radius logs it does seem like there have been some disconnections though your router did appear to reconnect pretty much straight away. Please report this via the faults tool at - this will advise of all necessary tests that should be carried out in order to avoid a charge from BT.