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Connecting via dialup 0808 & 0845


Connecting via dialup 0808 & 0845

Yesterday (6/12/2003) I found it almost impossible to get a successful connection. I could dialup and authenticate, but would have a dead connection. DNS would fail as would ping/traceroute. basically a dead network connection.

This regularilly happpens after radius upgrade/maintenance. Being familiar with networking, etc, I find it unusual that this work would cause this. Is there any consequential work which would cause this problem?

I also have concerns regarding your actual contention ratio. I suspect that it is MUCH higher than you claim in your contract/terms. I regularilly get *number unavailable* when using the 0808 number.
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Connecting via dialup 0808 & 0845


Problems with data transfer on 0808 are not normally an ISP issue. We would need to diagnose this problem much more deeply though when it occurs. How / when does the issue normally recitfy itself?

With regard to 0808 availability, I wonder what product you have? According to the reporting we have access to, the system is running exceptionally well at the moment - If you can give me your dialup number and a precise time and date of a problem then I can check all of the availability on our side, network wide....