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Connect for a few hours then can't reconnect for hours


Connect for a few hours then can't reconnect for hours

I recently moved house and asked PN to move my service, which they did. Nothing has changed in terms of hardware/software setup - everything that was packed in boxes was unpacked an reconnected when I got to my new flat.

After being told the service was activated I switched everything on and connected quite happily for a couple of hours, then I lost my connection - so I logged into the Router and clicked 'reconnect'. (This is something I had to do every few days at my old address) - but the router would not reconnect.

The same thing happened tonight - a connection for a few hours then nothing and no possibility of reconnecting. I am using a Sitecom DC-214V2-UK router. I'm plugged straight into the BT master socket and have tried disconnecting the phone from the extension socket - all to no avail.

I can't believe that there is a fault with my setup or wiring which suddenly appears afer 2 hours or so of usage - so I'm assuming the fault is with BT or PN??

I'm starting the broadband fault checker now - but any suggestions would be welcome as a) contacting PN tech support at the moment is nigh on impossible and b) I'm back to using my modem and ITS VERY SLOW!!! AAAAGH!