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Connect Dial In


Connect Dial In

Some time ago, I raised a ticket for serious problems experienced when connecting to 0808 during afternoons and evenings.

This issue was referred by PlusNet to BT, who as usual could not replicate the issue and suggested it could be the modem at fault.

I am constantly recieving recorded BT announcements when trying to connect saying 'The service cannot be connected' and sometimes engaged tones.

Obviously anyone with any intelligence at all knows this is a problem that does not lie with the consumer.

Obviously I understand that PlusNet are probably not at fault here, however, the PlusNet platform is, because the same issues are not apparent on Freeserve and AOL FRIACO numbers, certainly not in my area.

Unfortunately, because BT obviously don't recognise this a fault, I will certainly have to consider leaving PlusNet because it has just gone on for too long.

I am however, interested in hearing from support, and also replies from other customers because I am sure, that I cannoy be alone.


Stephen Creasey
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RE: Connect Dial In

I also am experiencing the same problems.

Customer support say that we must expect some congestion as this is normal, in my experience it has got a lot worse over the last couple of weeks.

Would Gary Haugh (Customer support manager) please post a reply with the official Plusnet line on this problem, ie, how many times should a customer expect to get the engaged signal or recorded msg during busy times.

I am a data communications professional and have just intalled a datascope on my ISDN line and router to calculate the call failure rate. I will make the results available to anyone interested once I have completed a full weeks tests.


RE: Connect Dial In

Have a look at the thread 'Problems, Problems, Problems'.

This is obviously a serious matter that PlusNet are trying to hide....
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RE: Connect Dial In

> I am constantly recieving recorded BT announcements when trying to connect saying 'The service cannot be connected' and sometimes engaged tones.

Could this be a resurgence of the infamous 'call-gapping' problem?

When I first moved to Sheffield Iwas with and whilst I had no problem connecting in Swindon, I could never get a connection in Sheffield. All I got was pre-recorded 'the network is busy' messages. The cause was 'call-gapping'.

This is process BT uses to alleviate strain on their network at peak times. Put simply, only a pre determined level of calls is connected - say 1 in 3 or 1 in 5, the rest just get the message. If you continue to re-try you eventually get a 'lucky number' and get connected.

Bearing in mind the upsurge of ADSL take up I'm just wondering if BT are factoring or throttling FRIACO to compensate.

My own experience I have rarely had problems connecting (except during the business day!) untill last night when all I got was engaged tones.