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Connect Dial In


Connect Dial In

Dear Sir/Madam

Despite assurances only a few days ago that several upgrades had been made to PlusNet FRIACO platform I have not noticed any benefit at all.

The service is currently terrible to connect too, mostly I receive recorded announcements stating that 'The Service Cannot Be Connected', at other times I receive network busy tones, sometimes standard engaged tones.

This evening it has taken be upwards of twenty attempts to connect and this is becoming more and more regular, not just at this time but also in late afternoon as well.

Obviously I would not expect first time everytime connections but this is just stupid, especially when a simple test of Freeserve and AOL dialup FRIACO numbers do not show any of the same symptoms. One would assume that these services would be rather more oversubscribed than PlusNet systems.


Stephen Creasey

RE: Connect Dial In

Terrible tonight, 25 attempts to connect!!!
I don't understand why a once excellent service
has deteriated so drastically.

RE: Connect Dial In

Not been able to get on all day either

> Terrible tonight, 25 attempts to connect!!!
> I don't understand why a once excellent service
> has deteriated so drastically.

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RE: Connect Dial In

I raised a ticket. That was 12 hours ago. No response, I'm afraid to say..


RE: Connect Dial In

Good morning everyone,

As you know we had some recent general issues with engaged tones on the 0808 service that should now be resolved.

These problems may however have hidden specific issues affecting yourselves only. The friaco service depends upon substantially different technology to 0845 access and therefore a specific line or exchange can have difficulties with it, even if it has worked perfectly in the past.

There are specific symptoms associated with a specific friaco issue like this and I have scanned each of your connection logs for these. Stephen, Malki and Michael, your connections each displayed these characteristics and therefore I have initiated our diagnostic procedure with you - please go to Contact Us and choose "View Problems" and "All" at the filter to see the tickets I've created. Steve (steve1261), I'm afraid that your connections didn't display this issue and I'm confident your experience has not been down to this - however feel free to raise a ticket if you want us to investigate further.

Best Wishes,

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