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Confusion over Premier usage policies


Confusion over Premier usage policies

Your Sustainable Usage Policy Guide on this site indicates that you implement warnings, then restrictions at the following limits for Premier:
Opt 1 24GB 30GB
Opt 2 36 45
Opt 3 48 60

But your Peak Usage Allowances shown under the Residential>Broadband>Broadband Premier link (for potential customers) indicates the following:
Opt1 15GB
Opt2 22.5
Opt 3 30

Likewise for BB+
SUP says 8/10
But PUA says 3GB

Can someone clarify things for me please or am I missing something?
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Confusion over Premier usage policies

Both of these policies apply, its just that the 15GB figure is the one that we prefer to promote, as after this certain types of traffic are turned off during the peak period. Then when you hit the 24GB you get another warning about approaching the SUP threshold, once this is crossed then management is applied 24/7 for the rest of the month.