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I know this has been said a thousand and one times before, but i have finally joined the many other F9 customers who are really p****** off with tihs max business.

I maxed on 23rd may, have had problems with my speed since then and have been told it is due to contention and noise problems. My main problem centres around my speed always dropping during peak hours. Off peak i manage just 5mbs but during peak this drops to around 2.4 mbs, have done all the speed tests etc and have been told that i have to put up with it. Even though i have een informed that I should be able to receive 6.5mbs on my line. I wished i could have stayed with 2mb at least it was constant.

Credit where it is due though F9 have been propmt with answering my tickets. Just peeved that all this new technology is not as good as the previous.


Hi wdyble,

YES! moral of this story is NOT all upgrades means better service or product. NOT you personally but many people are abit naive when it comes to the word upgrade, and assume upgrade means better service or better software. So as you see this isnt always the case.

**Frankly, I think this upgrade to MAX DSL has been a real bodge by BT. IMO the fault I think isnt with F9 but mainly with BT for rushing the development of the product to market when it clearly wasnt any where near finished or well enough tested. They have half rolled it out only to come pretty unstuck and with many very unhappy users as a result.

**The BT bulk upgrade tool fiasco hasnt helped either, because this tool has messed up so badly the bulk roll out had to be put on hold for about 4-6weeks while BT remove all the bugs from the software. Before the remaining customers can be moved across to MAX afterwards.

**YES! I was MAX around 13th May and my speeds have been all over the show too. I have MSR quoted as 5500kbps but real speeds have been dire anything from 1.7megs upto 4.5megs and everything in between. So count yourself lucky if your getting 5megs thats good at off peak. I guess the slow down at peak is abit more understandible with so many users online and I guess MAX is probably at full stretch. I dont think there are any real or permanent answers on this problem it looks like your stuck with it. You could ask F9 support to see if anything more could be done with your BRAS speed profile? its worth a try atleast?



To be honest i am a little naive on the technical side of things, i see people keep talking about MSR, attentuation and noise levels but not sure what is good level etc.

My wireless router is giving me stats of :

Connection Speed 8128 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 19.1 db 21.0 db
Noise Margin 5.5 db 5.0 db

dont know whether this is good,bad or average and i have a msr of 8000

What is BRAS?



Hello wdyble,

I shouldnt be worried just because your not so familiar with all the greeky tech stuff about MAX DSL and broadband. TBH its all pretty dry and boring stuff if you ask me, I cannot get excited about it any more, after more than 10yrs in IT and even more messy about with computers.

**MSR =Maximum Stable Rate, this is set by BT on their equipment and in my opinion its a confusing waste of time telling users this information. why! because the MSR bear's absolutely no relationship to the actual or real speed you wil get on your connection.

**Things that can or do a make a big difference to your broadband performance a) line noise or SNR (signal to noise ratio) the amount of crackling on the phone line b) attenuation which again is to do with the quality of the signal and its stength from your house to the phone exchange. c) line length, for obvious reasons the further you live away from the BT exchange the more difficult the technical problems can become and hence speeds are affected as noise can go up, attention levels get worse,etc,etc.

**MAX DSL is rate adaptive so its supposed in theory to adjust your connections performance on the fly so your supposed to always get the best speeds all the time, as I say thats the theory but not always how it works out in reality.

**BRAS= broadband remote access server i.e. a BT server computer connected to the internet through which your connection passes.




I did as you suggested and asked the F9 support if there anything that could be done with my BRAS profile. They responded that this is set by BT and there is nothing F9 can do.



If you think those speeds are bad try mine.. In the last few days I have varied between 164.5kbps (yesterday) which is painful and 5.3mb. My router syncs at around 7.5mbit. Speeds all over the place. Yesterday was terrible and dropping lower and lower. Ran all the speed tests they seem unstable. Very frustrated with max.



Hi Wayne,

Well frankly the response you got from F9 is utter rubbish, its a disgusting attitude IMO. I have seen other F9 users go back to support & ask, & F9 have reset or got BT to reset the BRAS speed profile.

So to say there is nothing they can do is garbage!! my guess is that sadly the person you spoke to or who attempted to answer the question just couldnt be arsed to help you or didnt want the responsibility of really helping you.

And my guess is that this is because F9 are in a mess at the moment with all the backlog of customers who wanted to be MAXED and are now put on hold. And hassled from those who were MAXED and are now NOT very happy with the outcome. But either way seems like your just another winging customer to them. :roll: :roll:

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F9 are lying look at this:

I asked for it to be reset and inteleaving turned off and this is what i got:

[Internal] User has requested that Interleaving is turned off and the BRAS profile reset. Please ensure this is carried out. Thanks.


Moving to correct pool for action.


Dear Mr Barlow,
We have now placed a manual regrade, this is due for completion on: 19/06/2006

BT Reference: 1-CQ4N1Y

The next action on your Help Assistant Question is due on Monday 19th June at 9:00am. This ticket will remain open with the BOT - DSL Regrades until this time.


This all just proves it can be done! Evil

Finally i am getting sync speeds of 5312kbps down and 768kbps up (thanks to interleaving been turned off). I am also actually getting decent speeds now my BRAS profile has been reset.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for that info chaps

I have been back in touch with them and have now asked them to rest my BRAS profile. Am awaiting a response.