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Confused lost emails

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Confused lost emails

Ok so plusnet lost data and sent in experts to play with a jigsaw to get the data back and made business email a priority. So should us mere mortals on premier now be getting any lost emails back from the period when the email system went belly up. I am sure I lost emails in the afore mentioned period but I don`t seem to have had any extra mail that I can account for in this period.

So how do we tell if :

1 We have received mail that was lost but is now found.

2 Will it be dated from the period it was lost.

3 Should I give up hope of every getting the missing emails and contact everyone in my address book and inform them of the lack of email delivery between certain dates at my plusnet addresses.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Confused lost emails


The latest update we have is available on status at

at the moment we are still waiting for the data to be returned to us from the specialists. The recovery process has taken longer than we expected and the data should now be back next week. We should be give more details early next week about how the data will be put back into customer mailboxes.