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Confused about webspace?!?


Confused about webspace?!?

I was just browsing through my package details and noticed that I get 250MB of webspace with my BB Premiere. I used to be a web designer so I feel like making a site for the fun of it...however, here lies the problem. On the information page it says...

Webspace: 250MB
Web Traffic: 250MB limit

Well...that's pretty crappy, I can build a 250MB website, but only 1 person can look at it with that limit :lol:

Is this a typo...if so, what is the actual daily/weekly/monthly BW allowance for my webspace...if it's not a typo...WTF is the point of even giving the webspace in the first place :shock:

Confused about webspace?!?

It doesn't quite work like that Smiley

If you made a flash movie file (a single file), for example, which was 250Mb in size, and then you got a single hit on that, and that single hit/viewer downloaded the flash movie file to view it, then yes, that's your monthly allowance used up and nobody else would be able to view the file...

...but I find this highly unlikely Smiley

There is no way that a "single hit" could transfer 250Mb of data on a "normal" website. At most, the front page of a website (to load it up) would consist of about 100Kb of data of which 100Kb is actually transfered (for one view).

250Mb transfer per month (I think it's per month) is perfectly fine for light weight websites (much like you plan to do) but not for anything higher. 250Mb webspace is also quite sufficient for most users.

Hope this helps.
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Confused about webspace?!?

Hi your bandwith limit is 250mb daily

read here

Transferable amount


Sounds like ALOT of confusion over the allowable transfer amount, 250MB daily sounds more like it and seems quite reasonable if that is correct. Yes! its correct I can confirm its 250MB daily.
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Confused about webspace?!?

@ paygo...

The thing is mate...i've still got a lot of pull at existing...relatively well known websites, so if I made a personal page it would probably end up getting a lot of traffic because of the folks I know online.

As you say, even if my first page was 100k, I could get 2500 visitors before my BW allowance was expired, but I don't do things lightly, more often than not I make quite extensive websites, so chances are, the whole thing would be maybe 10MB total size, so this would mean in the extreme only 25 people a day would be able to browse the whole thing.

Obviously...people rarely browse an entire website, but even if people only browsed 5% of a 10MB websites, that's still only 500 peeps a day who could look at it.

Guess i'll just pay a couple of quid for some hosting...I was just curious at what I could get for free.

I just wonder if PN would have been happy to host one of my old 2001, it was getting 300k a day...then was of a naughty nature Wink