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Confused about upgrading


Confused about upgrading

I'm on BroadbandPlus now (my current speed is 2MB), and I'm considering upgrading to Premier to get bigger usage limits. When I go through the upgrade calculator it shows me these options:

Choose your speed
- I'd like to stay at my current speed
- I'd like to change to the highest speed my line will support

If I choose 'stay at current speed' there is no one-off fee.
If I choose 'change to highest speed' there is a £14.99 one off fee.

Since I'm already on 2MB (and presumably will get 8MB when available) is there any reason why I should choose to pay the £14.99?

Does this have anything to do with changing to the reduced contention ratio of premier?

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Confused about upgrading

I think the upgrade scripts have not caught up with the recent changes in speeds.

You are upgrading to a product that costs more each month so you don't have to pay anything and you should choose stay at my current speed.