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Confused about my usage limits


Confused about my usage limits

Ok sorry if this has been asked 100 times already but i just want to get it all clear. When i signed up, it was to the Premier up to 2mb at £21.99 which has now been changed to be called Premier Option 1.

Ok so our billing date has passed so i assumed the situation was like this:

Premier Warning email Restrictions
Option 1 24GB 30GB

As stated here:

But i just read the thread on the forum "Peak Time Management? After 5 gigs?" In which a link is given to this page and then if you select (in the Select Product) "Broadband Option 1" it says...well i cant paste it here because it messes up, but you can see.

So id be grateful if someone could just clear it up once and for all so i know what my usage limit actually is Smiley


Confused about my usage limits

If you're on Premier Option 1 you will start to receive management once you've used 10GB of peak time traffic, as outlined in the link you gave. This means that first the 'heavy' usage protocols like P2P/Usenet/FTP will be restricted then so will all other protocols. The idea is to slowly reduce your usage of bandwidth intensive protocols as you get close to the maximum peak-time limit of (for your account) 15GB while still allowing you to browse the web and receive e-mail and so on. In this way no user should have their connection completely blocked.

Basically it's the info on the traffic management page that is most likely to effect you. The SUP only kicks in if you continue to use large amounts of peak-time bandwidth after the 15GB limit has been used, which is very unlikely given the restrictions. Hope that helps.