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Confused Teleworker Pro


Confused Teleworker Pro

Hi Plus Net,

I'm a very confused Teleworker Pro user.

My line is a 512K 20:1 contention priced at £29.99 a month.
However, I do not appear to get the security features like Spam filtering (these appear as extra cost options).

If I was a new Teleworker Pro user the same package shows the Security features are part of the package.

(Looks as if I'm paying the same for less). Okay, I'll upgrade to this 'new' Teleworker Pro for the same price....

From my Account Summary page I click on the 'Upgrade' option.

This takes me to Broadband Plus/Broadband Premier options. This is strange since I thought these were not Business but Residential options which will cost me £29.00 to downgrade (Ouch)!

The Broadband Premier costs only £21.99 and have all the same features except the contention is 30/1. But it offers upto 2 Mb. So is this a downgrade or an upgrade? Surely getting a better speed is an upgrade (which will cost me only £14.99 to regrade)!!!

Why aren't I simply directed to Teleworker Pro upgrade options? And where's my supposedly included 'Security Features'?


P.S. I'm sorry, your once really usable site is getting really confusing!

Surely it's not an intentional ploy for us Homeworker Pro using not to do anything. If not, then you are in need of an experienced HCI person to fix your site, my rates are reasonable.

Moderators note by John (johnessex) Topic moved to a more apt forum as it is intended for a CS reponse
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Confused Teleworker Pro

HI there,

You're on a Homeworker account, not a Teleworker account (although they are similar). It's like the difference between old ADSL Home customers and Home Premier customers.

Raise a ticket explaining the situation and we'll sort it out for you.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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