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Conexant Router AMX-CA64E


Conexant Router AMX-CA64E

is anyone out there succesfully using a Conexant AMX-CA64E router/modem for their connections to Plusnet ADSL?
I've used one for a while when I was using ADSL-Now without problem but since switching to Plusnet I've been getting problems after long periods of inactivity (overnight for instance) when I'm losing connections and DNS.
(See my recent post "Does Plusnet ADSL Hibernate?)

If anyone *is* using this device sucessfully with the Plusnet Home Self-Install service would you mind sharing with me your configs so that I can check mine is setup correctly?

Ta very much.

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Conexant Router AMX-CA64E

Please keep the same subject to one thread.
There is no need to start a new one for the same topic as it only causes confusion on the forums and you then have to look in 2 places for any replies.

I am locking this thread now so all replies will be to your original one