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Community support?

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Community support?

I doubt if anyone from F9 will read this but don’t you think you may have ‘shot yourself in the foot’ so to speak.

I thought the idea of the ‘community support forum’ was that users would help and support others. Well it seems you have succeeded in getting all the skilled users (us geeks) to change to other providers and now there are few, if any, people left to offer help and support.

As an example cytech may have been a pain and complained (most justified in my view) about your service, but at least he could and did offer constructive advice on a wide range of problems.

This has left a large void in the help and support given to users. I would suggest someone from F9 should step up to the plate and fill his roll until another skilful user comes along to offer advice.

Not everyone here has the time or the skills to answer many of the questions raised and we don’t have to inner knowledge of F9 systems to give a reasoned reply.

That’s it, I’ll shut up now, regards, Colin.

Community support?

I hope all the helpful expert customers stay with the 'community support' forum. with little or no change. I imagined that 'ideas and suggestions' was a place for us to suggest things force9 could try to do. 'Community support' was meant for us to support each other, I thought, without intervention by Force9.

Anyway, as we all know there wasn't usually much support from them on measurable timescales.

That said, I was pretty satisfied with the level of information on the 'service status' page about yesterday's (6Jul06) email timeout problem . This is the first time I could possibly have said this during my 2 month's connection with quite a lot of outages.

So my suggestion to the support team is "Well done yesterday, please can we have more and timely information like that when future problems occur, so I know it's not my problem?"

Alan T