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Comments about PlusNET

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Comments about PlusNET


I feel that credit should be given where it is due, regardless of circumstances. PlusNET have been, at least over the past 12 months, extremely honest and open about mistakes they have made.

I believe that every company makes mistakes and they should be judged not by the mistakes that happen, but the actions that are taken to correct them.

PlusNET have sent emails out keeping customers in the loop and openly admitting to mistakes they have made which not many companies (not just ISPs!) would consider doing. I have a couple of PlusNET accounts to one of which there was an email sent to me with the subject "We have let you down". This email explained and apologised for mistakes that have been made over of the past 3 months.

PlusNETs service (reliability) has historically been faultless, only recently have they made mistakes which has cost a limited number user some service time. I feel the that the steps taken to rectify these mistakes have been satisfactory and have achieved what they have set out to.

By reading through the forums I realise that there are some dedicated anti-PlusNET users who would not give this post a second look. I appreciate that everybody is entitled to their own opinion as am I so I have post this to show any onlookers that I think PlusNET are on the way to becoming one of the best, and honest ISPs available.

Thanks for reading.

Comments about PlusNET

Wait until you have a problem, then you wont be so supporting.
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Comments about PlusNET

Well I've had my share of problems before, but overall I still think they are good otherwise I wouldn't be here.

I'm sure the OP will have (or has had) a few problems down the line, from the sounds of things he has and found them to be reliable in resolving them for him.

Comments about PlusNET

I have been a customer long enough to know that they USED to be good. Only recently have they got bad, and bad enough for me to leave them - which I didn't do without due consideration I can assure you.
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Comments about PlusNET

I have to agree with sabennett, and am waiting for my mac key............

Comments about PlusNET

I'd be understanding if it wasn't for the fact it took them a month to actually tell me what was "alegedly" wrong

Comments about PlusNET

I'd might be more "understanding", as you put it, however:

- it had took well over a month for PlusNet to decide which wholesale product my connection was on (BT Max or Tiscali LLU), relying on me to show evidence in both the ticket system and this forum to indicate that I was on BT MaxDSL, and then taking quite some time after this for my connection stable rate to change from 2000 to 8000. (link)

- PlusNet made a recent announcement about changes to the bandwith allowances (to happen from 1 August), only then within 18 hours changing this announcement to the detriment of certain users, apparently because the Products Director does not know what products PlusNet sells. (link)

PlusNETs service (reliability) has historically been faultless

Emphasis on historically.