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Come on PlusNet, don't lose another customer


Come on PlusNet, don't lose another customer

I've had speed issues on my line since a couple of days after it was commissioned. Initially I got 2000kbps, and I now get around 297. I submitted a case 15 days ago, and it's still the same.

My friend around the corner had the same issues, and following advice from adslguide users, left and joined F2S. He now has a trouble free 2Mb connection, which is a stark contrast from the (poorly performing) half meg one he had with Plusnet, who blamed the capped bandwidth and resulting issues on BT.

I do not want to move, however; I really can't be bothered with the expense or hassle if it can be resolved by getting a few back sides kicked. I just want something resembling a fast internet connection that doesn't jam full with 2 or 3 webpages loading.

Can anyone escalate my ticket (17521785) for me?
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Come on PlusNet, don't lose another customer


Are the speeds you are seeing now the same (or worse) as when you raised the ticket?

I've escalated it on for you, it looks like BT don't see any problems on their side so we'll have them investigate further.

Come on PlusNet, don't lose another customer

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, the speeds have been pretty consistent over the past week or two, and have been predominately in the 300k range. I get the odd day where it's at 600, but I can retest 5 mins later and it's back down to 300 again.

Here are the results from the plusnet speed checker over the past few weeks:

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
26-09-2005 18:03:29 313.9
26-09-2005 16:51:00 435.3
26-09-2005 16:39:25 480.8
26-09-2005 16:36:53 368.5
26-09-2005 15:41:37 390.2
26-09-2005 14:07:01 615
25-09-2005 20:06:40 305.6
24-09-2005 15:42:41 363.7
24-09-2005 15:39:58 401
23-09-2005 20:03:35 319.5
20-09-2005 19:22:09 412.6
12-09-2005 00:25:20 278.7
11-09-2005 20:23:25 360.4
11-09-2005 20:21:49 385.7
11-09-2005 10:59:21 655.9
10-09-2005 14:08:43 457.6
10-09-2005 10:40:50 668.3
10-09-2005 10:39:14 779.2
09-09-2005 22:59:31 290.7
09-09-2005 20:16:57 262.6

The frustrating part, is that I was getting a solid 2Mb for around 4 or 5 days, then the speeds went through the floor. Sad


Come on PlusNet, don't lose another customer

I'm back to full bandwidth now after my case was escalated. Thanks for your help, Dave.