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Coincidence or deliberate?


Coincidence or deliberate?

I have reported to PN about my poor connection speeds for weeks now until finally resorting to switch ISP's. Just past Friday, I informed PN of my actual switchover date which is this Wednesday, and they should do whatever necessary to cancel my account.

It seems however the day I informed them of my switchover, my plus net connection is totally gone. It no longer logs on with my username, and the flashing light on the router continues to flash several times, then disappears.

Not sure if its a ploy by PN, but seeing as I have only a few days remaining, how much stink can one kick up?

If true, better not inform PN of the actual ISP switchover or they might just switch you off!!

Fare you well people!
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Coincidence or deliberate?

Definitely something we would not do. We do not terminate/downgrade accounts until we receive a report (BBCR) from BT, advising us that the customer has migrated to a different service provider.
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Coincidence or deliberate?


Looking at our ordering system I can see an outbound LLU migration order which is due to complete tomorrow. Normally with a migration to an LLU service the transfer completes a couple of days before the order completes so as to allow time for the order to complete exchange side.

I'd recommend contacting your new ISP as it looks like their service should now be active.