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Closing Ticket on New Portal

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Closing Ticket on New Portal

I have just closed an open ticket via the Contact Us page. After closing the ticket the next page that was displayed had the purple top navigation bar with the pink Member Centre graphic highlighted. The left-hand navigation was the pink Communicate... My Account... and so on. The actual content was the top part of the Contact Us page, at least the first 2 paragraphs... :?

After closing the ticket I would have expected to be re-directed back to the full Contact Us page which shows the Service Status table and your tickets with the purple top navigation bar with the green Help graphic highlighted along with the green left-hand navigation Self Help... Customer service... and so on.

Maybe something that needs to be looked at by PlusNet?

Closing Ticket on New Portal


This is a problem. I actualy have a list of 8 issues right now, which this being one of them. I have found 2 myself related to this problem, and will add this one to that item, for when I submit it to PN.