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Classic wholesale prices to stay?


Classic wholesale prices to stay?

I see this on ADSL guide

A key component to the new charging systems is that providers are not able to mix charging models, i.e. "If a Customer has opted for Usage Based Charging, then Usage Based Charging prices will apply to all of the components of their BT IPstream Service. It is not permissible for a Customer to mix Usage Based Charging, Capacity Charging or Standard Charging.". Interestingly though, the BT Central Plus product as used by BT Retail, does not have a Usage Based Charging option. In the original announcements about UBC and CBC charging, it was mentioned that the Standard model would be removed, but we have not seen any mention of this in the current notifications.

So it seems the original pricing for wholesale ADSL may be here to stay.

I guess all the ISP's with heavy users switching early to CBC may have made a mistake.

Classic wholesale prices to stay?

Standard charging is not available for new sale and only existing SP's using it now can have it.

IIRC, by the competition law and rules setout by Ofcom/Oftel, if it wasn't being prepped for disposal, then ISPs should still have the ability to move to it.

A lack of date means nothing as the estimate for a proposed data for removal of Classic, was lookedt be given around now and UBC was already supposed to be available.

Due to the delays in UBC, this annoucnment may also be late too.

Those following the path of BT's product are estimating late Jan to mid March when BT do make an annoucment.