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Clarification Speed Issues and Faults


Clarification Speed Issues and Faults

As you are aware we have implemented a Sustainable Usage Policy which has led to a very small percentage of customers being managed at either peak times or 24/7. This has led to a fairly vocal presence on this forum complaining of speed issues at these times. This is one of the affects of the management and not a problem either with the network at our side or the BT network. The management is designed to protect the network and the 99.5% plus of customers from a very small percentage who will have a detrimental affect. These are not speed problems they are a deliberate management of the connection and as such are no indication of the normal user experience.

Second to this there are also a number of threads that we are not handling faults or problems with connections and I would like to remind people that this is not the case. Line faults, genuine speed faults and all other ADSL network issues are dealt with the utmost importance and expedited to BT as quickly as possible. At the moment there are a high number of faults with BT across the system and while the resource has been upped to deal with these it does lead to delays at times which we chase on a daily basis. No faults are left to sit in the system without our intervention as from our point of view this is not good customer service or good business for those who chose to look at it that way.

I hope that this clears up some of the issues that are being repeatedly raised on this forum and we can start it manage the other questions and queries more effectively.