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Christmas/ New Year support & change freeze

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Christmas/ New Year support & change freeze

Is there any information available from PlusNet describing service & support levels than can be expected across the Christmas and new year period?

Similarly, is a change freeze in place?

I remember last year's email outage at Christmas and the furore that created when the DR plan didn't work...


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Christmas/ New Year support & change freeze

there an announcement made at the start of the month about it, it can be viewed here:
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Christmas/ New Year support & change freeze

The above link is only with regards to expected activation dates for new provide orders.

With regards to support, staffing levels will obviously be reduced, and there'll be an appropriate phone message put in place to advise customers of this.

As for possible networks issues, these will be covered by on call engineers in the same way that they always are at weekends and on bank holidays. With regards to the email issues that we experienced last year, there were several factors that had an impact on that, and changes have been made during this year in order to improve things.